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Data Security and Privacy for the Digital Workplace

Maintain confidentiality, compliance and control across multi-cloud environments.

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Minimize Risk and Maintain Control of Your Data in the Digital Workplace

More than 90% of organizations store data in the cloud, 84% of whom have multi-cloud environments, using four or more cloud providers at once. But protecting data across multi-cloud environments leaves organizations at risk of data breaches, privacy and compliance violations, and costly penalties.

Virtru provides end-to-end encryption and fine-grained access controls to protect email and files shared across cloud environments, so you don’t have to choose between fully adopting the cloud or risking customer privacy violations, noncompliance fines and lost intellectual property.

As organizations complete their digital transformation, Virtru offers the data security and privacy you need to match the way your team works in today’s digital workplace.

“Virtru provided the visibility and control of where our data travels, who has access, and for how long. The functionality that warned users when emails may contain sensitive information enhanced security awareness across the organization.”

Chris Lewinski, IT director, Sheboygan County

Collaborate Securely and Ensure Privacy and Compliance

Prevent Third-Party Access

You shouldn’t have to trust a third party with the keys guarding your critical data. By hosting the keys yourself, you maintain absolute control of your data and protect against blind government subpoenas.

Maintain Persistent Protection and Control

Virtru provides data-centric protection and extensive, granular controls. Access expiration, revocation, disable forwarding, persistent file protection and document watermarking protect data wherever it is shared, within and across cloud environments.

Audit Access to Sensitive Data

Granular audit trails let you see where sensitive content is shared, and revoke access at any point. Virtru provides full visibility into who has accessed or forwarded emails and attachments, with SIEM integrations for improved threat remediation.

Easily Protect Your Data, Wherever It’s Created or Shared

Email Encryption

Protect and encrypt emails and files directly from Gmail and Outlook without changing the way you work today. Enable secure sharing without creating new accounts or installing software.

Enterprise App Protection

Extend Virtru protection to private, regulated data sent by your SaaS and custom applications, and maintain control wherever the data is shared.

Google Drive Protection

As Google’s only recommended encryption partner, Virtru ensures privacy and prevents data leaks with end-to-end, layered protection for any file type. Encrypt files before they ever reach Google’s servers.

More Than 5,000 Customers Protect Data in the Cloud with Virtru

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