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Mission-Critical Federal Government Data Security

Virtru enables secure, compliant data sharing to unlock digital workflows and protect your most sensitive data—in military and civilian contexts. Our Trusted Data Format (TDF), created by our co-founder during his time at the NSA, is quickly becoming the gold standard for federal data protection.

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Maintain Government Data Privacy with End-to-End Encryption

Virtru enables federal agencies to adopt a Zero Trust cybersecurity strategy. With Virtru, U.S. federal government agencies can demonstrate an actionable commitment to encrypt vital data at the object level, protecting sensitive information everywhere it’s shared.

Our SaaS products are authorized at the FedRAMP Moderate level, and we offer non-SaaS solutions for use within high-side contexts, including AWS C2S. Virtru technology is
FIPS 140-compliant and provides granular, customizable protections that equip agencies with full control over and visibility into their data at all times, no matter where it travels. 

Federal Security Compliance Certifications


Agency-Hosted Encryption Keys

For maximum security, we enable agencies to host their own keys, leveraging their preferred cloud or on-premise infrastructure. By hosting keys separately from data, agencies can strengthen Zero Trust posture and breach preparedness.


Quantum Readiness

Our Trusted Data Format enables crypto-agility, so agencies can use the cryptographic algorithm of their choice and easily swap methods in the future. We equip agencies with the flexibility to evolve their cryptographic strategy at their own pace.


Attribute-Based Access Control

Ensure sensitive data can only be accessed by those with the right credentials and need to know. With Virtru, you can manage access control policies and enforcement, in conjunction with data tagging, for attribute-based access control (ABAC).

Trusted by Federal Agencies, State & Local Governments

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Unlock Data-Sharing Efficiencies


Enhance Office Productivity

With our government email encryption and file protection solutions, federal agencies can equip their distributed teams to collaborate with confidence. With the ability to revoke access at any time, set expiration dates, watermark attachments, and disable forwarding, Virtru gives end users autonomy, security, and control over their data, everywhere it’s shared. Layer in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules as a safety net, plus encryption for SaaS applications such as SAP, for data protection across all workflows.

Implement Edge Data Protection

Whether relaying data from sensors in remote locations or embedded in medical equipment, Virtru’s Trusted Data Format (TDF) is flexible and versatile, protecting data on small devices and in low-bandwidth areas. With TDF, agencies can protect full-motion video, biometric data, and more.

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Enable Secure Analytics

Break down data silos and equip mission and business owners to share data securely with external collaborators to unlock greater insights. In the same way that Virtru enables data owners to maintain full lifecycle control over their sensitive information and securely share it for approved analysis, we also empower analytic owners not only to maintain control of the analytic, but also to have a say in how the outputs of analysis are managed and tracked, adding a level of transparency and trust that offers the potential for faster outcomes while ensuring compliance with a wide array of security and privacy requirements, including those derived from FISMA, HIPAA, CJIS, ITAR, and others.

Government Data Encryption Resources

Discover how we holistically protect government data of all kinds, wherever it’s stored and shared, with granular controls for key management, data loss prevention, audit, and more.

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Trusted Data Format (TDF)

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Federal Compliance Certifications

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Virtru has a certified Authorization to Operate (ATO) at the moderate level under FedRAMP. As part of our FedRAMP compliance program, we adhere to the security controls defined in the NIST 800-53 and 800-171 publications to ensure the integrity of federal information systems.

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Virtru’s security operations and processes are validated by third-party assessments for Service Organizations Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 Compliance. This attests that we can be trusted to safeguard sensitive customer data in the cloud.

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