Google’s Recommended Encryption

With controls added directly to your familiar G Suite interfaces, encrypting and protecting your information is as easy as using Gmail.

Gmail Encryption Right in Your Inbox

Encrypt Gmail Before You Hit Send

Encrypt emails and attachments before they leave your device to prevent third party access.

Gmail Security and Access Control

Revoke or expire messages, control forwarding, and add watermarks to PDFs with easy-to-use controls.

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Seamless Recipient Experience

Read and Respond From Your Inbox

Chrome and Firefox plug-ins let you view Virtru-encrypted emails directly in Gmail.

Send to Anyone – No Installation Required

Non-Virtru users can still read and respond to your encrypted messages from their browsers.

Data Loss Prevention Automates Gmail Security

Detect and Protect Sensitive Content

Set DLP rules to detect and enforce Gmail security actions for confidential emails and files before they leave your organization.

Customize G Suite Encryption for Your Domain

Configure real-time warnings to educate users on Gmail security by alerting them when to encrypt.

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Administrative Access and Control

Granular G Suite Security and Insight

See where emails and files have been shared and revoke access at any point.

Manage Data Loss Prevention

Configure DLP rules and enforce Google security policies from a central dashboard.

E-Discovery Support

Search, decrypt, and export archived Virtru messages directly from Google Vault using patent-pending encrypted search technology.

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Virtru for Google Feature Summary

Client-Side Gmail Encryption

Emails and attachments are encrypted before they leave your device and remain protected no matter where they travel.

Persistent Email and File Control

Revoke, expire, and track or disable forwarding – even after messages have been read. Learn More.

Data Loss Prevention

Set rules to automatically protect sensitive content before it leaves or enters your organization. Learn More.

Read Receipts

See when recipients have accessed your Gmail-encrypted messages. Learn More.

PDF Watermarking

Automatically watermark encrypted PDF attachments with each recipient’s email address. Learn More.

Encrypted Message Search

Search your encrypted messages from Gmail without giving access to third parties.

Google Vault E-Discovery

Search, decrypt, and export archived Virtru messages directly from Google Vault.

Mobile Encryption Support

Send and control access to encrypted emails from your mobile devices with Virtru’s iOS and Android apps. Learn more.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet HIPAA, CFPB, EAR, CJIS, and other government security requirements.

Group Sharing and Configuration

Enable encryption and customize permissions for Google Groups, organizational units, and email aliases already set up on your G Suite domain.

Organizational Unit and Group DLP Support

Set DLP rules to apply to specific OUs and groups, and assign individuals to be administrators for these user subsets.

Administrative Insight and Control

See where user data travels and revoke access at any point. Learn More.

Customer-Hosted Keys

The Virtru Customer Key Server lets you host encryption keys on-premise, in a private cloud, or in the public cloud of your choice. Learn More.

Virtru Network Data Protection

Enable outbound and inbound encryption of any data in your organization by adding server-side protection and control. Learn More.

Custom Branded Templates

Add your organization’s logo and branding to the encrypted emails that recipients see. Learn More.

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