Virtru for Google

DLP Security for Gmail

Detect and protect sensitive content before it leaves or enters your organization. Customizable data loss prevention software automatically encrypts, warns users, notifies administrators, and more.

Automatically Protect Outbound and Inbound Emails

A Closer Look at Virtru’s DLP for Gmail

Built-In Data Detection

Choose from pre-configured DLP security rules that scan emails for sensitive keywords, patterns, and other common indicators.

Custom DLP Rule Builder

Configure powerful DLP policies to match your organization’s data security and compliance requirements.

Live Gmail Warnings

Alert users of sensitive content in their messages, and allow them to encrypt emails before they send.

Client-Side and Network Protection

Enforce client-side rules to scan content on user devices, and use Virtru’s network data loss prevention software to automate outbound and inbound encryption at the server level, regardless whether it was sent from a Virtru client or not.


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