Modernize Government Services by Securing Sensitive Data Sharing Workflows

Virtru helps federal agencies and state and local governments embrace the digital transformation by keeping sensitive data private, wherever it’s shared.

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Keep Data Private and Transform Government Operations

Cloud adoption and data sharing have made controlling access to mission-critical government data more challenging than ever. Perimeter security and static controls can’t connect access privileges to varying levels of data classification across disparate networks. Yet hackers continue to exploit the personal data of millions of citizens, while insider leaks have exposed the most sensitive classified government operations.

Virtru co-founder, CTO, and former NSA architect Will Ackerly created the open standard Trusted Data Format (TDF) to solve this challenge with a powerful, elegant premise: protect the data itself, and control who can access it, no matter where it travels. By combining the TDF’s encryption and attribute-based access controls (ABAC) with unmatched ease of use, Virtru lets government agencies take back control of their data, improve service, and fulfill their mission.

Virtru Enables Fully Compliant Cloud Migration for State of Maryland

When the state of Maryland moved to the cloud to streamline their IT infrastructure and modernize services, advanced protections were necessary to ensure CJIS compliance. Virtru delivered, with end-to-end encryption, granular access control, and ease of use that facilitated broad user adoption.

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“By enabling full compliance for our law enforcement agency, Virtru gave us a path toward a complete cloud migration.”

– Susan Lyon, Manager of Google Cloud Team, State of Maryland

Confidentiality and Compliance to Enable the Digital Transformation


Prevent unauthorized access to confidential agency data, top secret intelligence records, and private citizen information.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet requirements for the most stringent data privacy regulations such as CJIS.

Digital Transformation

Modernize operations with persistent protection and control to enable cloud adoption and secure data sharing.

Improve Outcomes for Federal Agencies, The Intelligence Community, and State and Local Governments

Preserve Confidentiality with Secure Sharing

Enable secure sharing across agencies with attribute-based access controls (ABAC) for mission-critical data.

Host the keys protecting your data directly. Support signed attestations prior to trusting platforms to use encryption keys.

Audit who has accessed sensitive or classified data. Prove access control policies are not modified without authorization.

Protect Citizen Data and Transform Operations

Encrypt emails and files shared with constituents, service members, and civilians to keep data private and prevent leaks.

Give government workers easy to use data protection and access controls so they can share unclassified sensitive data and provide secure, efficient services.

Meet requirements for data privacy regulations like CJIS.

Virtru Meets Key Federal Government Compliance Standards

Virtru has a certified Authorization to Operate (ATO) at the moderate level under FedRAMP.

As part of our FedRAMP compliance program, we adhere to the security controls defined in the NIST 800-53 and 800-171 publications to ensure integrity of federal information systems.

Enable Secure, Seamless Access to Unclassified Data

Respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests for Encrypted Data

Support eDiscovery for encrypted emails and files to disclose unclassified data, without giving unauthorized third parties access.

Search encrypted messages and attachments. Leverage Google Vault for archiving, exporting, and audit reports, and bulk decryption workflows in Outlook.

Ensure User Adoption and IT Accessibility

Give employees easy-to-use data protection that leverages existing applications to enhance adoption.

Allow seamless, secure recipient access without requiring new accounts, passwords, or software installation.

Support accessibility standards for 508 compliance, with integrations for the JAWS reader in Outlook.

Trusted by Federal Agencies, State and Local Governments, and Thousands of Organizations

Learn How Virtru Enables Mission-Critical Protection and Control

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