IP Encryption for Emails and Files

Securely share and control sensitive data with anyone


The Easiest Way to Protect Intellectual Property

From product specs to launch plans to creative manuscripts, people in every industry share swaths of valuable intellectual property (IP). Unless it's encrypted, you have no way to guarantee protection of emails and files containing this proprietary data.

By using client-side email encryption, companies can ensure their IP stays safe no matter where it travels. Additionally, by giving sender control over the encryption keys to the data, Virtru Pro enables users to revoke, expire, view read receipts, apply watermarking, and track or disable forwarding for their content – even after it's been accessed by a recipient. Since Virtru Pro integrates with the email services that business already use every day, like G Suite, Gmail, and Outlook, businesses can add the software without exhausting significant financial or technical resources.

  • Take Control of Your Email

    Encrypt messages, disable forwarding, set expiration times, and watermark PDFs.

  • Revoke Messages Instantly

    Ever wish you could take back an email that you already sent? Now you can.

  • Detect Sensitive Emails with Rules

    Automatically identify and encrypt, or simply warn users.

  • Watermark and Track PDFs

    Watermark PDFs with the recipient’s email address and monitor who shares your sensitive documents.

  • Govern Your Entire Company

    A seamless dashboard experience let’s you track message flow, disable forwarding, and revoke messages for everyone in your company.

"As soon as I saw the demo, I realized Virtru solved a problem we didn't even know we had."

— Colin McCarthy, Associate IT Director, Essence
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