End-to-End Protection for Intellectual Property

Protect intellectual property (IP) shared inside and outside your company with ease. Virtru supports IP protection in G Suite, Outlook, Salesforce and other SaaS applications.

Protect Intellectual Property with Confidence

Prevent unwanted access to Intellectual Property by encrypting content before it leaves the device, without installing software or creating new user IDs or Passwords.

Gain Visibility Over Shared IP

Auto-generate Audit Trails to provide insight on when and where IP was accessed or shared.

Control Access throughout the Data Lifecycle

Revoke access, control forwarding and use other access control features even after content has been opened or forwarded.

“We rely on 3rd party access to our intellectual property, which needs to be protected no matter where it’s shared or stored. Virtru provides that protection without any gaps.”

Dan, CISO, Large Media Company

Secure Enterprise IP with Easy to Use Data Protection

Research and Development

  • Product designs and plans
  • Research findings/results
  • Recipes and formulas
  • Patent applications and documentation

Supply Chain

  • Supplier Information
  • Engineering Schematics
  • Bill of Materials
  • Capacity Planning and Logistics


  • Contracts
  • Client/Vendor Communications
  • Other Confidential Communications

Sales and Marketing

  • Product Launch Plans
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Proposals
  • Competitive Positioning


  • Strategic Plans
  • Board Communications
  • M&A documents
  • Sensitive Employee Data

End-to-End Encrypt Intellectual Property with One Click


Revoke or expire access, and disable forwarding, either on-demand or automatically via custom policies, to protect intellectual property even after it’s opened or shared.

Set rules to automatically enforce security and compliance policies.

Automatically watermark design specs and other intellectual property with recipient email addresses to protect confidential information.

Auto-generate an audit trail to see where sensitive content is shared, and revoke access at any point.

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