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Enhanced Google Workspace Security with Label Based Access Controls

Virtru Product Marketing
By Virtru Product Marketing | February 06, 2024

Virtru is a leading encryption key management partner for Google Workspace Client Side Encryption (CSE). But unlike other partners, Virtru enables you to encrypt your data and also apply automatic access controls based on your custom labels, ensuring your data remains protected against unauthorized access regardless of its location within your system.

  • Use Google Workspace labels to classify documents and enforce access controls
  • Leverage your Google Workspace groups to define access permissions
  • Ensure persistent protection, even when files are moved to other Drives or folders

After encrypting a file with Google CSE and applying a label, Virtru Private Keystore will automatically enforce access based on the groups associated with that label. This ensures only authorized users can access the file, making it easier to manage permissions and providing more granular control.



This feature is available for all Virtru customers using Virtru Private Keystore for Google Workspace CSE. Visit our Support Center to learn more.

Not a Virtru customer? Book a demo with our team to see how label-based access controls can work for your team. 

Visit our Virtru Private Keystore page to learn more about how Virtru helps organizations take full control of their encryption keys to mitigate risk and help meet regulatory compliance obligations.

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