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Case Study
Customer Stories

France-Based Global Utilities Provider Depends on Virtru for Added Privacy in the Cloud

Following migration to G Suite, a France-based global utilities provider knew they needed additional security measures in place in order to keep their most sensitive data and intellectual property (IP) truly private. The Digital Security department soon turned to Virtru—a leading Google encryption provider—and began rolling out Virtru Data Protection for Gmail to multiple departments across the organization to better protect sensitive data throughout its lifecycle.

Using Virtru, the customer is now able to:

  • Strike a balance between adding value to their data and protecting it.
  • Maintain true privacy of their intellectual property.
  • Strengthen collaboration between internal teams, partners, and suppliers.
  • Meet compliance requirements for GDPR.

Privacy-Preserving Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting IP was a top concern following the organization’s G Suite migration. IP was frequently shared both internally and externally from the organization’s internal legal team to patent attorneys via Gmail, and they knew they couldn’t risk it ending up in the wrong hands.

Two of Virtru’s features were particularly attractive to the organization when it came to ensuring true privacy of their sensitive data: access revocation and document watermarking. Revoking access to messages and attachments addresses privacy concerns when emails are sent in error, after the data within an email has become more sensitive, or when projects and partnerships evolve. Watermarking files with the recipient’s email strengthens security by helping to deter data leaks. But even more attractive was the ease of use that employees—from the C-level down—and partners could expect from Virtru.

Security at Their Fingertips

The organization selected Virtru because it is seamlessly embedded in their familiar Gmail message workflows. Protecting sensitive data (such as IP, research & development plans, and other business and legal data) from the cloud vendor—in this case, Google—ensured that the customer was not only in full control of the data and could prevent unauthorized access, but also ensured they were compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Ease of use was a non-negotiable. The Digital Security team knew from previous experience that if the solution wasn’t easy to use, employees simply wouldn’t use it. Using the Virtru mobile app, employees now have easy access to protect data in sharing workflows, right at their fingertips. Based on the classification of data—such as confidential, top-secret, or secret—employees toggle Virtru on or off before sending an email, all without ever having to leave their inbox.

Unlocking the Value of Data

Without any additional accounts or logins required, Virtru’s seamless integration into Gmail ensured high user adoption and strengthened the organization’s security posture, while encouraging more collaboration throughout the organization and with external partners.

Deploying a user-friendly encryption solution meant that employees and partners no longer had to choose between security and sharing, allowing them to unlock the value of data and collaborate with confidence. By protecting data at the object level, Virtru provides the organization with assurance that their data is protected at all times so that they don’t have to worry about regulatory compliance or preventing unauthorized access, and instead can focus on driving the business forward.