Enabling HIPAA Compliance with Virtru and Google Workspace

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Information Security with End-to-End Encryption

Maintain HIPAA Compliance with Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite)

As a healthcare organization, you need to enable seamless secure access to patient data shared via emails and files while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Yet existing solutions are hard to use, hinder care coordination, and still put you at risk of HIPAA fines and disclosure costs. Virtru ensures HIPAA compliance by giving you persistent protection and control, making it easy to coordinate care and deliver treatment.

Virtru deploys in minutes and is embedded directly into Gmail and Google Drive via Chrome browser extensions. A nurse can simply flip a switch to protect a Gmail message before sending it to an out-of-network doctor. She can disable forwarding, set an expiration date, and watermark the attached medical record for access controls that prevent data leaks. The out-of-network doctor can quickly access the patient data without creating new accounts or installing new applications with the Virtru secure reader.

Virtru also protects files shared by a Google Drive. The nurse can encrypt the file upon upload then disable sharing, watermark the document, and set an expiration date. From there the nurse uses Drive’s native sharing workflow to give the doctor secure seamless access.

Sharing PHI and Maintaining Compliance

Whether PHI is shared via Drive or Gmail, the nurse retains visibility and access control. If the nurse realizes she sent it to the wrong email address, she can revoke access immediately to avoid HIPAA disclosure requirements. You shouldn’t have to choose between sharing PHI and protecting your organization against increasing HIPAA compliance risks.

Virtru has helped healthcare organizations maintain HIPAA compliance in G Suite with persistent protection wherever emails and files are shared. Contact us to learn how your organization can unlock the power of privacy and maintain HIPAA compliance.