Data Sheet

Protect Technical Data and Support ITAR Compliance

Virtru’s end-to-end encryption, enforceable security settings, granular access controls, and key management capabilities prevent foreign access in the cloud to technical data.

Enable ITAR Compliant Sharing and Storage of Technical Data

As more organizations are moving to a digital workplace, managing technical data related to items on the United States Munitions List (USML) in the cloud presents a dilemma. Storing and sharing technical data in the cloud can risk exposure to non-US persons, steep non-compliance penalties, and criminal charges, yet blocking modern, cloud-based, supply chain workflows inhibits collaboration with your supply chain partners and hinders business opportunities.

Virtru helps support ITAR compliance by protecting ITAR technical data from end to end, preventing foreign access wherever it’s shared in the cloud, unlocking cloud cost-saving benefits, and enabling collaboration workflows that power innovation and growth.

Seamless Data Protection and Control for the Infrastructure, Software, and Devices You Use Today

Ability to Set Mandatory Encryption & Access Control

Instead of expecting someone to turn encryption on, set it so it’s automatically on for your users who handle ITAR-protected data to secure emails (including drafts). Designate “encrypt & upload” as the only option for adding documents in Google Drive. Revoke messages, disable forwarding, set expiration, watermark files, and maintain persistent control of files.

Support Data Governance Through Granular Audit Trails

View when and where messages and files have been accessed and adapt controls for evolving workflows and supply chain requirements.

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