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Securing Government Contracts: Why Software Companies Are Turning to Virtru


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    So, you’ve decided to pivot into the world of federal contracts. It makes sense–the U.S. government has made it clear in recent years their desire to modernize in all aspects, from supply chain, to defense and beyond.

    Just this year, the Biden administration unveiled its desire for more tech innovation through its proposed $849 billion 2025 defense budget. And venture capital is now more amenable to defense contracts, with $7 billion being funneled from VCs to US aerospace and defense companies in 2022 alone. There’s a ton of opportunity to be had for software companies in this era.

    But there’s still a looming issue: what appears to be the bureaucracy of it all. The sales cycle is longer, the existing infrastructure is often outdated, and the red tape sticks to your every move.

    It’s true: the public sector wants to modernize, but they still have national interests and a lot of data to protect. And your celebration of a contract might be curbed by a 12-step workflow you weren’t expecting and stringent regulations you now have to follow… all to protect this data.

    The Government’s Demand for Software Innovation Stokes the Demand for Data Security

    All of the above is a common experience for software companies that are increasingly signing contracts with the DoD or other federal agencies.

    What we’ve learned is that great opportunities come with great responsibilities, especially when it comes to handling controlled unclassified information (CUI) or other forms of sensitive data. Software companies working with the DOD are taking additional steps to ensure compliance with regulations such as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). These frameworks dictate strict guidelines for data protection, access control, and cybersecurity practices, imposing hefty penalties for non-compliance.

    In many ways, the U.S. government imposes these regulations to protect you and itself in the wake of third-party data breaches. Look no further than the disastrous SolarWinds data breach of 2020, the Progress MOVEit breach in 2023, or the consistent string of Microsoft breaches by foreign adversaries–all of which only scratch the surface. There’s a lot at stake, and the regulations were amped in recent years to reflect that.

    Virtru: The Software Company’s Approach to NIST, CMMC, and ITAR

    In this landscape, ensuring the security and integrity of data shared via email and file workflows becomes essential to land and keep these opportunities.

    That's where Virtru comes in.

    By leveraging Virtru's suite of data-centric security tools, encryption, and access control capabilities, software companies can confidently share sensitive data with government partners, knowing that it remains protected from unauthorized access and ensuring compliance to the highest level. Virtru helps you secure your email, file-sharing, and SaaS workflows with the security of a government contractor, and ease of a software company.

    Here’s why software companies choose us.

    Ease of use: Virtru integrates seamlessly with common productivity tools like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, making it easy for employees to encrypt and decrypt files and emails without disrupting their workflow. With Virtru Secure Share, you can quickly and easily encrypt and share sensitive files, without compromising a straightforward workflow.

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    Access control: With Virtru, you can set granular access controls and revoke access to sensitive data at any time, even after it has been shared.

    Collaboration: Virtru enables secure collaboration by allowing users to share encrypted files and emails with external parties, without compromising security. This is crucial for software companies that need to collaborate with clients, partners, or remote team members.

    Scalability: Virtru is designed to scale with your organization, a favorite for software companies of various sizes and growth stages.

    Audit and visibility: Virtru provides detailed audit logs and real-time visibility into who has accessed your data, when, and from where. This helps maintain accountability and allows for quick incident response if necessary.

    Compliance: Virtru helps companies comply with various data protection regulations, like CMMC, ITAR, CJIS, and more by providing military-grade encryption to the most common workflows.

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    Virtru combines the security of a government contractor with the ease of use of a software company to protect your email, file-sharing, and SaaS workflows.

    Join the ranks of software companies revolutionizing government technology with Virtru. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you achieve your security and compliance goals.

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