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Virtru Gains Momentum on StateRAMP: Securing Government Data at New Heights


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    Data privacy and security have become cornerstones of digital governance in both the private and public sector. On a federal level, we've seen increased investment and focus in Zero Trust and data-centric security initiatives, and these best practices are gaining traction at the state and local levels, as well. At Virtru, we've partnered with hundreds of state and local organizations, from public school systems to over 10 state governments.  

    Following our most recent FedRAMP authorization, we're proud to share that Virtru's Data Security Platform is now on the StateRAMP Progressing Product List, further demonstrating our commitment to bolster state and local government cybersecurity.

    What is StateRAMP and Why Does It Matter?

    StateRAMP, the state-level version of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), is a standardized cybersecurity framework that meticulously aligns with the requisites of state and local government organizations. By being on the StateRAMP Progressing Product List, Virtru demonstrates that its products are held to rigorous cybersecurity standards, addressing the nuanced challenges that government entities encounter.

    Virtru: A Trusted Partner in Securing Government Data

    Virtru has carved out a reputation as a pivotal partner for hundreds of state and local government organizations, and many federal government organizations as well — ensuring privacy and supporting compliant handling of constituent data through end-to-end encryption, data-centric security, and powerful privacy controls. These safeguards enable government agencies to operate with heightened agility and assurance, supporting compliance with a host of regulations, from CJIS to HIPAA, FERPA, and many state-level privacy regulations like CCPA and New York Ed Law 2-D

    Virtru in Action: State Government Case Studies

    Virtru’s dedication to privacy and data protection for state and local governments is not just theoretical; it has been demonstrated through numerous successful partnerships. Governments, amidst growing cyber threats, have leveraged Virtru’s military-grade encryption and access controls to:

    Enhance Statewide Cybersecurity: As Arizona's Deputy CISO, Ryan Murray, highlighted in a recent webinar on state and local government cybersecurity, it's vital to leverage each individual employee as an asset rather than a potential threat. "Instead of looking at all of our employees, all of our users, all of the people that we do business with as potential threats, they are now cybersecurity professionals," Murray said. "They're now cybersecurity sensors. They are now gathering telemetry for us and sharing it with us and helping to spread that culture across the state.” By integrating end-to-end encryption into digital communications, Virtru ensures confidential information exchanged between governmental entities remains impervious to unauthorized access.

    Safeguard Constituent Data: By enveloping constituent data with stringent security controls, Virtru not only curtails the potential for data breaches but also strengthens trust between citizens and governments. One example is the sheer volume of paperwork (containing sensitive PII) that flows through state and local government agencies. Virtru Secure Share was developed to solve the common challenge of secure file intake — and the product allows any constituent to securely share encrypted files with their government agencies, while retaining control of their own information at all times. 

    Strengthen the Security and Compliance of In-House Apps: Hidalgo County, Texas, used the Virtru Data Security Platform to bring end-to-end encryption to its in-house apps to support CJIS compliance.“Leveraging the Trusted Data Platform — and Virtru’s user-friendly technology that we depend on for Gmail encryption — meant that we were able to easily deliver secure code for Hidalgo Country’s in-house apps," said Jesus Rodriguez, IT Application Developer. "Now, we can automate reporting and improve our services, all while staying compliant.”

    Support Distributed Teams with Easy-to-Use Encryption: The State of Maryland, a longtime Virtru customer, started using Virtru during its migration to Google Workspace. They needed to ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive data being moved to their new cloud environment. "We are very happy with our move to the cloud, and Virtru enabled us to make this transition securely and seamlessly," said Ken Cheney, Acting Chief Information Officer at Maryland’s Department of Education. "It’s much more efficient for our 44,000 users to use one email system, and we have saved a great deal of time and resources internally."

    Concluding Thoughts: A Future of Fortified Digital Governance

    Virtru’s position on the StateRAMP Progressing Product List is not merely a certification. It's a beacon, signaling the active progress of data-centric security in state government contexts. For state and local governments, this signifies the availability of a tried, tested, and verified partner in navigating the intricate ecosystem of digital governance, ensuring that the data of constituents is enveloped within layers of robust security.

    Moving forward, as cybersecurity challenges continue to evolve, collaboration between organizations like Virtru and public-sector organizations will undoubtedly be pivotal. As cyber attacks continue to escalate in frequency and sophistication, Virtru is proud to provide government organizations with the tools they need to safeguard what matters most: The data.  

    If you're interested in learning more about Virtru's data-centric security for your organization, contact our team for a demo. We'd love to explore how we can partner together.

    Megan Leader

    Megan Leader

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