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Trustworthy UX: How to Apply Custom Branding to Encrypted Email


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    If you work in security, you've probably had a negative experience with a legacy encryption product. Older, more cumbersome methods of encryption have a tendency to disrupt workflows and hamper employee productivity. Even worse, legacy encryption products can create a negative impression of your brand, or introduce doubt to your customers, because they are often visually and functionally disjointed from the other elements of your brand experience.

    It's time for a more modern, refreshing, and intuitive encryption experience. Virtru brings industry-leading ease of use to encryption. And with Virtru's custom branding feature, you can easily create trusted, secure brand experiences across Virtru products, in minutes. In this post, we'll show you how Virtru's custom branding works, and the impact it can have on your organization's security posture.

    Is This a Phish? Why Consistent Branding Is Important for Security

    A good security program ensures employees are aware of security risks, like phishing, malware, and other methods wielded by cyber criminals. Security leaders know that every employee, every device, every endpoint presents a potential risk to the organization. So, it's a good thing that people are more vigilant than ever when it comes to clicking on a link in an email. 

    However, this can pose an unexpected problem: Skeptical employees and smart customers may be hesitant to engage with secure emails and file sharing experiences that feel disjointed from company branding, because they might suspect it to be a phishing attempt.

    Say you're a longtime customer of a major bank, and you receive an email that says it's from your banking institution, but there is no reflection of the bank's branding in that email: None of the brand colors, and not even the brand logo. You might (and probably should) think twice before clicking on that email. 

    Virtru solves this problem by providing flexible custom branding capabilities. Organizations can upload logo assets, select brand colors, and dictate how branding displays across interfaces. This allows you to integrate encryption without disrupting trusted branding. Users — employees, partners, and external customers — feel more comfortable working in an interface that feels like your brand. And, you get the added benefit of building trust by demonstrating your commitment to their security. All in all, this enables better adoption and creates a more consistent customer experience.

    How Virtru Custom Branding Works

    Several Virtru products provide self-service Custom Branding, including Virtru Secure Share, Secure Reader (included in Virtru for Gmail, Virtru for Outlook, and the Virtru Data Protection Gateway), and Control Center. With Virtru's Custom Branding feature, you can select a color scheme that aligns with your brand colors, as well as include your logo in encrypted communications. Virtru's Support Center has a step-by-step guide for Virtru Custom Branding, so you can see how easy it is to get started. 

    UI showing custom branding settings, like color and a logo uploader

    You can also customize Virtru-encrypted email messages with your preferred content and visual identity.  

    Key Benefits of Virtru's Custom Branding

    By incorporating your brand's look and feel, you'll see several benefits, including:

    • Increased Adoption: Both internal employees and external users will recognize the brand's connection to Virtru functionality. Furthermore, because Virtru is so easy to use, employees will actually use it instead of searching for a workaround to other cumbersome, legacy products. 
    • Seamless User Experience: Branded UI creates familiarity between your brand's web properties and Virtru tools, creating a smooth user experience and streamlining workflows across implementations.
    • Strengthened Brand Trust: Tying your brand to encrypted content-sharing experiences boosts confidence and reliability in your company's security and respect for data.
    • Self-Service Flexibility: Admins customize and manage branding through intuitive dashboards that can be updated in minutes, without long dev cycles.
    • Granular Control: Admins decide which UI elements display branding for optimal balance.
    • Automatic Updates: Branding remains consistent during product upgrades for sustained integration.

    Optimizing Workflows Around Your Brand with Virtru

    Customers like Virtru because it's simple and easy to use. Custom Branding allows you to integrate Virtru into your business's existing workflows, not divert your users away into frustrating experiences. 

    Virtru builds security into the interfaces your employees already know and trust. Data protection integrates directly into existing apps and workflows. This allows you to extend your organizational brand into encryption for maximum productivity.

    Virtru enables seamless data security customized for your brand. Employees feel comfortable with interfaces that match your existing identity. This leads to smoother adoption across internal and external users. Ultimately, Virtru lets you tailor data protection around the specific needs of your business. Learn more about building trustworthy encryption with Virtru.

    Want to learn more about Virtru's secure email and file sharing solutions? Contact our team for a demo today. 

    Megan Leader

    Megan Leader

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