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Virtru’s Empowered Employee Report: Get People to Care About Security


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    We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to security—whether that’s accidentally hitting “Reply All,” mistakenly sending a report to Sarah in sales instead of Sarah in human resources, absentmindedly clicking on a questionable link, or quickly forwarding an email that turned out to contain sensitive information farther down the thread. A productive, successful, collaborative workplace requires employees to share information quickly and efficiently—but that information is often sensitive in nature. Employees need to be equipped to protect that data, and security engagement needs to be top of mind for IT leaders.

    You’ve heard the stats surrounding cybersecurity and data breaches—including how costly and damaging a breach can be (the average breach costs US$3.86 million)—and you understand why it’s so urgent that companies embrace and prioritize data protection.

    Virtru’s latest report, The Empowered Employee, will show you what to do about it, sharing actionable tips on how to positively, successfully empower your teams to protect their data while still being confident in their ability to share it.

    How do I get people to care about security?

    This question is top of mind for many security leaders, especially in an environment of escalating data breaches and phishing attacks. It just takes one action by an employee to compromise your organization’s data, and with 88% of breaches caused by human error, this is a critical area to address. Sparking engagement starts with meaningful conversations that convey to your employees what’s in it for them: What they personally gain from protecting data.

    Steps to spark security engagement

    The report contains conversation starters, insights on how to get employees involved with security, and advice for building employees’ trust in a Zero Trust environment.

    To see all these insights, download the Empowered Employee Report. To learn how we can support you in empowering your employees to protect their data, contact Virtru to start the conversation.

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