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Partners in Progress: Setting the Stage for Above and Beyond the Cloud


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    When public institutions and businesses come together, they can create meaningful change. Just look at the internet and AI—ground-breaking developments born from this teamwork, both having reshaped how we live and work.

    Giants like Google and its partners are key players, developing secure, state-of-the-art solutions designed specifically for government and education. The result? Enhanced efficiency and heightened security.

    To truly shine and get things done effectively, Google teams up with its partners who have unique and specialized skills, bringing their distinctive knowledge to the table to bring projects to the next level.

    That’s what we aim to celebrate on October 17th at “Above and Beyond the Cloud,” an event following the Google Public Sector Forum in DC, dedicated to celebrating the public sector and its collaborators at Google and the Google Partner network.

    Uniting the Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem at “Above and Beyond the Cloud”

    The Google Public Sector Summit, coupled with the 'Above and Beyond the Cloud' event, is the rendezvous point for thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers in the sector. Here’s why you should come. 

    Elevated Dialogues

    From exploring breakthroughs with our public sector partners to strategizing secure cloud futures with Google’s top brass in Risk & Compliance, these sessions are packed with actionable knowledge and fresh perspectives on the public sector’s tech landscape.

    Learning & Connections

    Witness transformative developments from Google and its trailblazing partners and mingle with the minds driving the next wave of public sector evolution. It’s the ideal setup for absorbing knowledge and forming connections that matter.

    Vibes & Views

    Engage in dynamic conversations and build your network, all while soaking up views of D.C.’s iconic skyline.

    Within walking distance from the Pubsec Forum, this event is the golden ticket to insights and collaborations shaping tomorrow's solutions. Spaces are filling up, so snap up the chance and RSVP early to secure your front-row seat to tech transformation in Washington, D.C.

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    An Ode to Google and Partners

    We’re excited to celebrate the impact of the public sector, paired with the innovation of google and its partners. But let’s dive into the impact of this collaboration.

    Google chooses its battles wisely, focusing on its strengths and leaving room for partners to lend their expertise and fill the gaps.

    So who benefits from this?

    • Federal-Civilian: Google and its partners aid agencies like the NIH, USPS, AFRL, and more in amplifying operational effectiveness.
    • Defense and Intelligence: Google and partners proudly offers secure, reliable, and innovative cloud solutions to military and national security personnel globally, supporting their crucial missions.
    • State and Local Government: Commercial partners assist in enhancing constituent and workforce experience in state and local government agencies, impacting areas such as public benefits, health and human services, transportation, climate, and research.
    • Education: Google and partners’ commitment to learning is evident as it provides transformative solutions, teaching tools, and affordable devices to classrooms, academic institutions, research, and edtech companies, aiming to revolutionize the learning experience.

    Austin Reeder of SADA puts it aptly: “Google doesn’t take on a lot of challenges that they're not good at…you can identify these areas where they want point solutions to come in because they know somebody does it better.”

    When Does Google and Pubsec Engage with Its Partners?

    Collaborative Compliance

    Pubsec entities like state and local governments, defense units, or universities, often grapple with intricate compliance and security demands. Tapping into commercial solutions gives these entities and Google relief by letting the experts do what they do best, and leveraging their services. This way they can maintain security and compliance without the extensive effort or budget needed to recreate the wheel, allowing them to focus on the mission at hand.

    As a recommended Google solution for encryption, Virtru is one example of a niche vendor that the public sector and Google can pass the baton to for specialization in data centric security. This ensures organizations like the Air Force Research Lab, various state and local governments, and research institutions can maintain a secure and compliant environment without taking focus away from their core purpose.

    Mark Dieterich, Chief Information Security Officer at Brown University can attest, stating "For our IT team, Virtru was an extremely simple and fast rollout. Students and faculty found it easy to use, and even our legal department felt more confident, due to the continued availability of e-discovery in Gmail."

    Customized Solutions

    Few organizations face as many unique challenges as those in the public sector, and these distinct challenges call for equally innovative solutions. Often this means creating something new or tailoring a solution to fit just right for a use case. This is where commercial partners can really shine, with the knowledge, ability, and time to dedicate to creating something new.

    This is where commercial consultants like SADA address this need directly. SADA activates Google Workspace for public sector entities, using its team of certified experts, ensuring that the collaborative tools are adapted to the public sector organization's unique needs and are easy to use. This means clearer communication and more effective teamwork for organizations that work with SADA. This hands-on approach guarantees that teams are not just using the technology but are using it innovatively and effectively, leading to better decisions and improved services in the public sector.

    The Google Public Sector Forum is the place where minds will come together to swap ideas and insights, all targeting the enhancement of positive change and innovation in the public sector. “Above and Beyond the Cloud” will keep the conversations flowing in a relaxed setting, aiding in the formation of partnerships and the development of practical, secure, and bespoke solutions that will make a genuine difference in areas like education, defense, and civil services. It’s all about smart, effective use of technology to tackle unique challenges and elevate the way public entities operate.

    At its core, it’s about shaping a future where our collective efforts and knowledge create stronger, more meaningful outcomes for everyone.

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