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Virtru Pro Now Provides Read Receipts for Your Encrypted Emails

We are pleased to announce our newest feature to Virtru Pro’s email encryption product – the ability for senders to view when recipients have read their encrypted emails.

Read receipt, as we like to call it, allows you to view real-time indicators that your sensitive messages have been accessed by your recipients and any people to whom they forward them.

Please upgrade to Virtru version 3.16.2 for Chrome or Firefox if you’re not already using it to get access to this new capability.  *Please scroll down to the very bottom of this post to learn how to update your browser extension in Chrome and Firefox.

If you are using Virtru Pro with Google Apps (now known as G Suite) or Gmail, you’ll notice the read receipt feature in your Gmail inbox.

If you open your Sent box, and click on an email — a grey, unopened envelope icon by your recipient’s name indicates that your email has not be viewed. A green open envelope icon indicates your intended recipient has viewed your email. In this specific example, you can see that Kara has not viewed this email, and Sally has:

Virtru Pro Read Receipt Icons

If you hover over the envelope icon by “Your message, protected by Virtru”, this will also provide you with additional Read Receipt details:

Virtru Read Receipt Details

Regardless of what platform you’re using Virtru with, you can also view read receipt in your Virtru Dashboard.

From inside your Email Overview page, you can see a column on the right that will show either grey or green Read Receipt envelope icons. When you hover over these icons, you are given the percentage of intended recipients who have viewed that email.

Virtru Read Receipt Dashboard View

To get more Read Receipt information, simply click on that email, and a window will open up, providing you with the granular details:

Virtru Read Receipt Dashboard View 2

You’ll notice that this window also allows you to take advantage of other Virtru Pro features, including Message Revocation, Forwarding Control, and Expiration. As with any Virtru-secured message, if at any time you accidentally send an email to the wrong recipient, forget to limit forwarding, and your message is forwarded onto someone you hadn’t intended, you can easily pull back access. Read Receipt now shows you for certain whether or not that message was accessed, and it provides you the peace of mind of knowing if it wasn’t.

For a quick tour of Virtru’s new Read Receipt feature, check out this demo:

For more information, please contact us.

Using Virtru Pro in Gmail, but not seeing the latest Read Receipt functionality? You may need to update to the latest version. Here’s how:

Using Chrome? Here’s how to update to the latest version of Virtru:

1) Paste “chrome://extensions” into your Chrome browser address field (without the quotes), hit Enter.

2) Check the “Developer mode” box (in the top right corner).

3) Click “Update extensions now”, and then restart your browser.

Using Firefox? Here’s how to update to the latest version of Virtru:

1) Paste “about:addons” into your Firefox browser address field (without the quotes), hit Enter.

2) Click the gear icon in the top right corner.

3) Select “Check for updates”.