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The Virtru Approach to Customer Support


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    Customer Support isn’t always glamorous, but as most people know, it is a critical piece in enabling organizations to realize success with any software tool. We’ve seen this firsthand at Virtru where customers that submit support tickets are actually more likely to have higher usage and get more value out of Virtru throughout their lifecycle. 

    That is why we have been hard at work over the last 18 months to improve our Customer Support function to better serve our customers. This includes a complete revamp and reorganization of all the content in our Help Center. We have also improved both our reply times and our resolution times by over 60%. 

    How did we do it? Learn more about the Virtru Customer Support team’s approach and guiding principles.

    1.  We put customers and users at the center of everything that we do.

    Okay, I know this one sounds cheesy and that everyone says their “customers come first,” but here at Virtru we actually do it. This starts at the top where our CEO strategically decided that retaining and serving our customers should be Virtru’s #1 objective in 2020 (and beyond). This ensures that it is not just the Customer Support team helping customers, but that the whole company is activated and empowered to find ways to positively impact our customers and users. 

    In addition, we have worked to amplify the human element of Customer Support within our team that reassures customers they are in good hands and we have their back, regardless of what the technical issue is. At the end of the day, it isn’t just about solving technical issues—although that is very important. It is about helping people. At Virtru, we firmly believe that we are on the same team as our users and that we all want the same thing: a secure, easy-to-use experience with Virtru and our products. 

    2. We help your recipients too.

    When it comes to encryption, security is expected, but ease of use is just as important. The sensitive data that you trust Virtru to protect must also be accessible to authorized recipients both inside and outside your organization. If encrypted information is too hard to access, you run the risk of creating situations that unintentionally encourage frustrated users to sidestep security protocols. This creates compliance gaps, while also putting your most sensitive data at risk of exposure. 

    Truly usable encryption has always been a critical part of our product’s value and success. If you read about any of our case studies, you will see time and time again that ease of use is often the biggest selling point for Virtru, not just for your users, but for your non-Virtru recipients as well.

    This comprehensive user-friendly approach also extends into Customer Support where we happily troubleshoot and support any recipient issues or questions. A number of our competitors won’t support recipients and simply tell them to “contact the sender.” This creates unnecessary work for customers and creates a bad user experience for the recipient. In fact, we’ve developed help articles and videos specifically for recipients and end users.  

    3. We focus on driving efficiencies that improve the customer experience.

    Too often, efficiency means cutting costs at the expense of the user experience or customer support. Not at Virtru. Instead, we look for win-wins that can create a better experience and allow us to operate more efficiently.

    For example, we analyzed our support ticket volume and noticed that customers submit the most tickets a couple of weeks after they become a Virtru customer. As a result, we worked with our marketing team to revamp Help Center resources and automatically deliver them to new customers at the appropriate time. From guides for getting started and product overviews to gentle reminders to make sure you keep your users up-to-date, we have you covered! 

    Alex Litoff

    Alex Litoff

    As Senior Director of Customer Experience & Analytics at Virtru, Alex leads customer-obsessed support and success teams focused on driving adoption and satisfaction. Alex is passionate about understanding customer needs and rallying cross-functional teams to deliver quantifiable impact.

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