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Virtru Delivers Reliability, Performance, and Security Enhancements for FedRAMP Compliance


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    Staying true to our core mission of building a default-secure future, our engineering team delivered critical infrastructure improvements to give Virtru customers performance and reliability at scale while meeting FedRAMP compliance requirements.

    This year the Virtru engineering team prioritized key platform improvements to support our company’s overarching mission of helping people and organizations seamlessly secure their data. To date, the team’s effort has resulted in major operational benefits for customers, including improved reliability, reduced latency, and heightened security, as we move toward full FedRAMP compliance. We rebuilt our entire cloud infrastructure, migrated services, and moved away from a legacy database system while incurring less than one hour of downtime. This is analogous to upgrading to a faster, more fuel efficient, and compliant jet in the middle of a flight.

    We undertook this work effort for two primary reasons. The first relates to FedRAMP compliance. The updates incorporated logging, auditing, and alerting capabilities to enhance our existing security operations, keeping us at the forefront of security community best practices. Platform improvements also encompassed more granular segregation of components of our infrastructure, improving performance while enabling immediate issue resolution with little to no impact on customer experiences. These upgrades fulfill key requirements for FedRAMP compliance, meeting expectations of customers and prospects in the federal government, but also giving peace of mind to commercial and nonprofit Virtru customers.

    The other key motivator relates to our future growth and scale objectives as we work toward our goal of enhancing trust and privacy across the enterprise. Our first-generation cloud infrastructure had worked well for many years, but was showing signs of its age and was holding us back from many of the future projects that we wanted to tackle. Reliability upgrades were an integral part of the work effort. We have also added support for multiple-region availability in the unlikely event that an entire region’s infrastructure were to be unavailable. Real-time alerting workflows tied to automated, continuous platform testing immediately notify our engineers when performance decreases, so they can quickly restore operations.

    Last but certainly not least, we’ve achieved substantial reductions in service latency. Messages and files are now encrypted and decrypted 1-2x faster through enhanced encryption key and configuration retrieval, meaning Virtru customers can securely collaborate at an even faster pace and at an enterprise scale, helping them stay competitive.

    This Herculean effort is a testament to the team’s commitment to the broader Virtru mission of building a default-secure world for enterprises and individuals. Running our services on cutting-edge architecture and enhancing our platform with increasingly mature security involves compelling and sophisticated technical work. But what really matters is how that work strengthens our customers’ ability to achieve their goals. These infrastructure upgrades allow Virtru customers to work faster AND more securely by enabling trust in the services that process their data and ultimately power their businesses.

    Peter Nancarrow

    As Virtru's Director of Site Reliability Engineering, Information Security, and IT, Peter oversees technical operations spanning infrastructure, compliance, and security. He has spearheaded major cloud migrations, achieved crucial certifications like FedRAMP, and built security and SRE teams supporting Virtru's growth.

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