File Encryption

Secure File Encryption from Virtru

Protect the files you create and share with Virtru’s flexible, easy-to-use encryption solutions, which give you total control over how your files are accessed and shared.

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Data-Centric File Encryption and Persistent Control

End-to-End File Encryption

Encrypt PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PNG, and JPG files upon upload to Google Drive, or when attached to an email in Gmail or Outlook. Virtru’s simple Chrome extension protects files directly in the client to prevent access by unauthorized parties, wherever files are shared.

Granular, Persistent Access Controls

Set expiration dates for file access and disable re-sharing. Revoke access at any time.


Watermark files with recipients’ names, helping prevent file-based data leaks as they’re shared externally.

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Industry-Leading Ease of Use

Easy, On-Demand File Protections

File owners apply encryption and access controls using existing workflows. Virtru is embedded directly in the native Google Drive user experience with a simple Chrome extension, and it can be easily integrated within Gmail and Outlook.

Seamless, Secure Access

External recipients can easily access secure files without needing to create a username and password or downloading additional software.

Security Awareness and Adoption

Virtru’s seamless, intuitive user experience helps boost security awareness and ensure user adoption, so you get the most out of your investment.

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Painless, Enterprise-Ready Administration

Seamless Deployments

Deploy to all users, or specific groups, via managed Chrome installs to get them up and running in minutes.

Persistent Visibility for Streamlined Audit

Maintain visibility over who has accessed files, even after they’re shared. Integrate with your SIEM to strengthen threat response and streamline compliance audit.

Automatic Protection

Administrators have the ability to select mandatory encryption and access control settings for all users or a group of users who typically handle sensitive files. Users can encrypt and upload any file to Drive, or designated encrypted folders can automatically encrypt any file added.

Key Management at Scale

Integrate with existing key management processes and hardware security modules (HSMs). Host your own keys for full control, while Virtru manages policies and key exchanges.

enterprise key management

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