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Virtru Adds Unprecedented Level of Data Privacy for Organizations Moving to the Cloud with New Customer Key Server

Companies Maintain Exclusive Ownership of Encryption Keys to Ensure Total Protection and Control of Sensitive Data


November 30, 2016 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time
WASHINGTON–(Marketwired)– Virtru, a trusted provider of data privacy and encryption to more than 4,500 organizations around the world, today announced the availability of its Customer Key Server (CKS), which enables enterprises to maintain exclusive access to the encryption keys used to secure their data. As business privacy becomes a top priority for organizations across all industries, the Virtru CKS ensures that only explicitly authorized parties have access to unencrypted content and encryption keys. This configuration allows for maximum security, privacy, and control.

According to Gartner, “the most important aspect of encryption is good key management, including customer control of the keys.” Gartner, Inc., Staying Secured in the Cloud is a Shared Responsibility, Steve Riley, April 7, 2016.

The Virtru CKS combines the company’s award-winning, ease-of-use with a zero-knowledge key and content architecture to provide both best-in-class security and usability that employees and administrators demand. Built on top of Virtru’s popular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture, the Virtru CKS can be used with any Virtru-enabled application such as Gmail, Outlook and any application integrated with the Virtru software development kit (SDK), such as AODocs and Cloudmigrator. Pre-built Integrations for Google Drive and other cloud storage providers are coming soon. The Virtru CKS may be hosted on customer premises, in a private cloud, or on any public cloud service.

“Achieving real business privacy, including the protection of both corporate and customer information, is ultimately about giving customers choice over who can access their digital content,” said John Ackerly, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtru. “The Virtru CKS extends this choice to where encryption keys are hosted, which is a huge step for organizations concerned with intellectual property protection, regulatory compliance, or data residency.”

Traditional key management services allow customers to create and control the keys used to encrypt their data, but require that those keys be given to the cloud providers to perform the encryption and decryption. This means that cloud providers have access to the underlying plaintext content. With Virtru, data protection keys stay exclusively within customer control, ensuring that cloud providers can never see keys or underlying content. This zero-knowledge system gives organizations the highest possible level of privacy and control.

The Virtru CKS is an optional add-on to the Virtru-SaaS service for email and file protection. With or without the CKS, Virtru’s flexible architecture gives customers unparalleled control over what data is protected, how it is secured, and who has access. Strong encryption, access control, and data loss prevention are integrated with commonly used tools like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, offering end-users advanced security and control without disrupting their work. Company administrators can easily audit, control forwarding and recall emails and files shared both internally and externally — ensuring that their organization’s data is always protected. Recipients can easily access secure content without having to create new accounts, usernames, or passwords.

Learn more about the Virtru and the Virtru CKS at: https://www.virtru.com/customer-key-server/

About Virtru

Virtru believes that personal privacy depends on the businesses, governments, and institutions that hold our information. Virtru products make it easy for businesses and individuals to maintain control over access to their emails, documents, and other data — regardless of where they’ve been shared. More than 4,500 organizations around the world rely on Virtru to secure their most sensitive information. Learn more at www.virtru.com or follow @virtruprivacy on Twitter.