Data Sheet

Comply with Data Sovereignty Laws and Maintain the Privacy of Data Stored in the Cloud

Data Sovereignty in the Cloud

As the popularity of cloud computing and SaaS solutions continues to rise, data sovereignty issues have become a greater focus and risk for organizations. Data sovereignty is a country-specific requirement that data is subject to the laws of the country in which it is collected or processed and must remain within its borders. While many countries have had these laws for decades, new privacy laws such as the GDPR are only making them more prominent. As a result, organizations must pay close attention to data sovereignty laws and how they are managing their data in various different locations.

Concerns related to data sovereignty requirements, as well as corporate privacy, may require sensitive data to be encrypted at the time of creation at the user endpoint and not decrypted until an authorized party requests access.

How It Works

Virtru’s end-to-end encryption solutions satisfy data sovereignty requirements by protecting sensitive data at the time of creation and providing the ability to store encryption keys in their required geographic region while allowing the organization to continue using the multinational cloud vendor of their choice.

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