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Case Study
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Top-Five French Retailer Requires Additional Security to Ensure True Privacy of Sensitive Data from Cloud Provider

After a successful migration to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), a top-five French retailer required additional levels of security in order to keep the organization’s most sensitive data truly private. The organization soon turned to Virtru to protect their data, and their bottom line.

Implementing Google Workspace in France

Using Virtru, the customer is now able to:

  • Prevent unauthorized access from third parties, including their cloud vendor.
  • Maintain full control of sensitive data in order to protect the bottom line and the brand’s reputation.
  • Meet compliance requirements for GDPR.

Unlocking Digital Workflows in the Cloud

Moving to Google Workspace was not solely an IT effort, but a cultural shift within the organization. With many deskless workers, they knew they needed to meet them where they worked—on the go. Moving to Google Workspace unlocked opportunities for departments throughout the organization to communicate and collaborate more easily than ever before. But, a critical piece was missing. Nearly two years after their Google Workspace migration began, the CISO and the entire Information Security team knew they needed an additional layer of security to ensure the true privacy of their sensitive data stored in the cloud.

Preserving Privacy with Ease of Use

Preserving privacy was one side of the equation, but ensuring that employees and partners could actually use the technology was the other. The organization had experienced low adoption rates of new technology in the past. They knew that if it wasn’t user-friendly, employees and partners simply wouldn’t use it, leaving sensitive data at risk of unauthorized access. This, coupled with the fact that traditional encryption products are often hard to use, meant that in order to ensure successful adoption, ease-of-use was a non-negotiable.

The organization ultimately chose Virtru because it is seamlessly embedded in their familiar Gmail message and file sharing workflows. Protecting sensitive data (including employee, legal, financial, IT, and product data) from the cloud vendor—in this case, Google—ensured that the customer was in full control and compliance.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

As a key enterprise player in the retail market, the customer is no stranger to fierce competition for consumer dollars while managing low margins, or to stringent regulatory compliance requirements. Simply put, retailers can’t afford to risk non-compliance or data breach penalties and fines. By protecting data at the object level, Virtru provides the customer with confidence and assurance that data is protected at all times, allowing the customer to meet compliance requirements, protect their most sensitive data from unauthorized access, quickly adapt to changing market needs, and collaborate securely to drive the business forward.

Leveraging Google Workspace in France and the EU

Interested in implementing Google Workspace in France, the EU, or anywhere in the world? Contact Virtru to explore how you can maximize security while enjoying the business benefits of Google's cloud solutions.