Shaping Stronger Security

How Security Leaders Can Mitigate and Respond to Insider Threats in a Zero Trust World

Security leaders face numerous challenges, including software vulnerabilities, third-party supplier liabilities, and distracted employees who may not realize their security behaviors are putting the company at risk. While many organizations focus on mitigating external threats, 30% of data breaches actually involve internal actors, and 88% of breaches are caused by human error.

So, how can leaders foster a culture that prioritizes security, empowers employees, and mitigates insider threats—all at the same time? In this webinar, Virtru’s data protection experts – Rob McDonald and Trevor Foskett – two experienced security leaders, will draw from their own personal experiences to share what made their programs successful in the past.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The types of insider threats to watch for, and how to spot them
  • How a data-centric security approach can help mitigate insider threats
  • How to adopt frameworks that equip you to mitigate threats after they happen
  • Methods of creating a data protection “safety net” across your software ecosystem