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3 Reasons Why You Should Meet Virtru at NASCIO


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    When looking at state governments and cybersecurity, three things become clear.

    1. States handle and share a ton of private data.
    2. They often don't have enough funds or resources for the latest cybersecurity measures.
    3. More and more, they're getting hit by cyber-attacks.

    It’s this backdrop that makes the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) 2023 unlike other conferences. At its core, NASCIO facilitates peer engagement, robust discussions, and collaboration with potential technology partners. Every meeting, every session, and every handshake at NASCIO leads to one ultimate goal: leveraging technology for the betterment of state governance and the safety of sensitive data across the nation.

    At this year's NASCIO, Virtru is going to be a name you'll hear a lot. Why? Here are three compelling reasons:

    1. SLGCP Funding and Virtru’s Solution

    State and Local Government Cybersecurity Program (SLGCP) funding is pivotal for many states looking to enhance their cybersecurity infrastructure. With Virtru, states have a straightforward path to satisfying one of the primary requirements for SLGCP: protecting Data in Transit and at Rest. By integrating Virtru, state organizations can seamlessly protect their data without inhibiting workflow or collaboration.

    We’re in partnership with states like Arizona to secure swaths of data as it travels in and out of the perimeters of state and local entities. Learn more about our work with AZ.

    2. Broad Spectrum Compliance

    Regulations like the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Publication 1075 mandate stringent data protection measures. Virtru, with its robust encryption and data protection features, stands as a beacon for organizations that must comply with these regulations. Whether it's personal health information, sensitive law enforcement data, or critical financial information, Virtru’s suite of simple encryption solutions help you strengthen compliance in these areas without adding layers of complexity.

    3. Tailored, Data-Centric Solutions for State-specific Challenges

    Every state has unique challenges and requires tailor-made solutions, especially in the realm of data protection. One thing that they all have in common: an unbridled need to protect the data first.

    Data-centric security is what we specialize in with encryption solutions that don’t stifle your state’s ability to do important work. You may have even received a Virtru-protected email or file, from other entities at the federal, state, and local levels.

    We’ve helped states like Maryland secure CJIS protected data in their communications, along with organizations like the Massachusetts Municipal Association to secure its HIPAA data. We’ve even helped entities complete cloud migration securely, like Sheboygan County, WI.

    Explore more state and local government customer stories. 

    At the heart of NASCIO is the spirit of collaboration. With Virtru, that collaboration extends to protecting the vital data that powers state functions, ensuring that it remains both accessible and secure. It's not just about tools; it's about strategic partnerships that drive state technology forward.

    Embracing data-centric security shouldn’t mean you should be immobilized. Let us show you how that’s possible with virtru.

    Together, let's elevate state data protection to unprecedented heights, addressing contemporary challenges with state-of-the-art solutions. To chat with us, set up some time with our team members. See you in Minneapolis!

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