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Introducing Virtru Secure Share: Encrypted File Sharing for Secure Collaboration

At the heart of Virtru’s mission is empowering people to share data with the confidence that it’s always under their control. Today, we’re taking that collaboration a step further, announcing Virtru’s new encrypted file sharing solution, Secure Share. With Virtru Secure Share, customers can simply and securely collect sensitive, private, or regulated data from collaborators and contributors — empowering these individuals with verifiable trust that their data is only being used for its intended purpose for a specified period of time. 

“From day one, Virtru’s mission has been to empower everyone to maintain full control of their most sensitive data, without limiting their ability to share it,” said John Ackerly, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtru. “In the age of accelerating data breaches, building verifiable trust with your customers and partners is a competitive advantage: Giving these individuals autonomy over their own data instills confidence, reduces the risk of data loss, and ultimately builds brand loyalty.”

Build Verifiable Trust with Your Clients, Colleagues, and Partners with Secure File Sharing

Secure Share is unique among encrypted file-sharing platforms in that it grants full data ownership and control to the individual submitting the data. With Secure Share, Virtru customers can give their own clients and partners full control over when their data is used, including the ability to revoke it at any time, should circumstances change. Users can also set an expiration date and add a watermark to shared information. 

Secure Share welcome page

Streamline Workflows with Your Own Personal Link, Shared Anywhere You Work

Each Virtru user will have a personalized Secure Share link, which can be shared freely, anywhere you work  — via text or video chat, in an email signature, or via collaboration software. When someone shares a file with you via Secure Share, you’ll receive an email. 

Secure Share Sender Link

Endless Possibilities to Accelerate Collaboration Through Encrypted File Sharing

Secure Share streamlines collaboration, making it easy to collect data from multiple contributors, securely. The encrypted file sharing solution is valuable across a wide range of use cases, such as:

  • Collecting financial information for applications, transactions, and contracts 
  • Requesting tax forms or direct deposit information from contractors
  • Collecting vendor proposals in response to a request for proposal (RFP)
  • Requesting medical records for new patients

Virtru Secure Share will be available in fall 2021. To learn more about Secure Share, download the data sheet. To get involved, sign up for the beta, or contact Virtru