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Why Use Virtru for Gmail?


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    By HiView Solutions, Virtru Partner 

    As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we at HiView Solutions assist a wide variety of companies with their security needs. From real estate brokerages to hospitals to educational institutions, companies from all industries trust us to help them get the very most out of Google’s products for business while meeting or exceeding their industry-specific security standards. We recommend Virtru to many of our customers who want to take their DLP measures to the next level, and here is why.

    It beats out the competition

    The only encryption solution we (and Google) recommend for Gmail is Virtru, and for good reason. Virtru’s top competitors do not offer full end-to-end encryption, meaning that data isn’t fully protected during or after its journey from sender to recipient. Because of this, Virtru’s competitors allow a far greater risk of the message being decrypted by an unintended party, posing a massive risk to organizations, especially those handling sensitive data on a regular basis.

    In contrast, Virtru’s end-to-end encryption protects data at all times. While it travels from network to network on its way to the recipient, the message remains protected; even if it is intercepted by a third party, that third party will not be able to access the data because they lack the necessary decryption keys.

    It is important to note that only the sender needs to have a Virtru license. Message recipients do not need to have Virtru, nor do they need to be a member of a Google Workspace (G Suite) domain. Additionally, some DLP offerings are limited to Google Workspace Enterprise Plus users, but any Google Workspace or G Suite customer can add Virtru.

    Ease of use

    Our customers rave about Virtru not only because of its powerful end-to-end encryption, but also because of its uniquely straightforward, user-friendly interface. Virtru is built with the Google Workspace user’s experience in mind, as made apparent by its seamless integration into Gmail. 

    Admins can even customize rules, such as how messages are encrypted and routing rules. We at HiView often refer to Virtru as “smart” because it notices when sensitive data such as a credit card number or private healthcare information is included within the body or an attachment of an email, and reacts according to the rules configured by the admin. Additionally, senders maintain full visibility throughout the data lifecycle, and when needed, revoke access to data for any and all parties. With Virtru, organizations can have it all—strong control of their data and an intuitive end user experience.

    Best candidates for Virtru

    In our experience, the organizations that benefit most from Virtru are those that handle highly sensitive information on a regular basis. This can include personal healthcare details, confidential government information, consumer data, and more. Without proper end-to-end encryption, organizations not only risk a catastrophic data breach, but can also fail to meet industry-specific compliance standards, such as HIPAA, ITAR, CJIS, and GDPR.

    Organizations of all sizes can benefit greatly from Virtru for Gmail. Good candidates range from large corporations to small private practices. Virtru is a crucial investment for any company seeking to maximize their security standards in Gmail.

    About HiView Solutions

    Founded in 2016 by an expert consulting duo, HiView Solutions is your trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner, providing the product licenses, technical services, and change management to help organizations thrive. HiView specializes in products including Google Workspace (G Suite), Google Cloud Platform, Virtru encryption, and more. User adoption and ongoing support are critical elements of our tailored delivery process. Our mission: Building your business for tomorrow.

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