Data Sheet

Comparing Virtru with Gmail Confidential

Only Virtru Supports True Privacy

Confidential mode’s controls are limited, restrict common sharing workflows, and don’t actually keep your Gmail confidential. Virtru ensures true privacy with persistent protection and granular access controls that give you complete control over your data.


  • End-to-end encryption for messages and attachments
  • Customer-hosted encryption keys to prevent blind government subpoenas
  • No access by Google or other unauthorized third parties

Secure Collaboration

  • Secure responses for all recipients, even if they don’t use Gmail
  • Seamless, secure access for non-Gmail recipients, without extra verification steps
  • Persistent protection for attachments, even after download

Control and Visibility

  • Automatic protection and control via DLP rules and policy enforcement
  • Document watermarking
  • Granular access controls (e.g. allow forward, disable download)
  • Persistent visibility into recipient access and sharing
  • Granular audit logs and support for SIEM integrations

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