Securing the Digital Workplace with Virtru

Data Security and Privacy for the Digital Workplace

Maintain Confidentiality, Compliance and Control across Multi-Cloud Environments

In today’s digital workplace, rapid collaboration workflows drive innovation and growth, new digital tools have made sharing data across multi-cloud environments the norm.

91% of organizations use multiple cloud services and 82% report sharing on a daily or continuous basis. Yet these complex environments often prevent clear visibility into and control over shared data, raising new concerns. How do you maintain data privacy across multiple cloud environments without slowing down innovation? How do you comply with increasingly complex regulations without clear visibility over your data? How do you offer customers new digital experiences without increasing the risk of data breaches that erode customer trust?

Easily Protect Your Data, Wherever It’s Created or Shared

To address these digital workplace security concerns, you need persistent protection that ensures privacy and compliance. Wherever data is shared, Virtru protects data and gives you persistent control and visibility across any cloud. Environment protection is directly embedded into the tools you already use, helping easily protect data shared via Google Drive, Gmail, Outlook and SaaS applications end to end encryption and granular access controls help you maintain privacy and compliance by preventing unauthorized access. Fine grained audit visibility lets you monitor share data, then revoke access or adapt controls.

As digital workflows evolve with persistent protection, collaborators can store and share files anywhere, network drives, desktops and more, while you always maintain control and visibility. And by accessing the Virtru platform, you can embed these data centric protections directly into the apps, processes and digital systems used to collect, store and share sensitive data.

Protect your Most Sensitive Information with Virtru Data Encryption

Virtru has helped More than 7,000 organizations across every industry protect their data, share with confidence and maintain compliance, and privacy throughout digital workflows. Request a demo today to learn how Virtru can help you harness the potential of the digital workplace.