Special Report: Unlock Data-Centric Security

Focusing On The Data is Key to Tomorrow's Security

Special Report: Unlock Data Centric Security

Perimeter security isn’t what it used to be and likely will not be enough to secure the networks of the future. Today’s perimeter is more like tentacles that reach out far beyond the borders of the corporate network and cloud. You can find the edge of your network embedded in your partners’ networks, on kiosks and mobile devices outside of your physical control, in the cloud (again, not within your physical control) and in a myriad of locations of which you might not be aware.

Using perimeter defenses is simply no longer sufficient. So how do you protect your data at rest, in transit, or in use? Zero Trust is an option, but is your definition of Zero Trust the same as your client’s or your business partner’s?

Encryption everywhere is an option, but it too has its challenges. Building a data-centric defense requires more than just slapping on a new app or plugging in a new firewall and calling everything safe.


What You’ll Learn:

  • The challenges CISOs and security teams are facing today and what they’ll be facing in the future.
  • Insights into how to address those challenges.
  • What to look for when future-proofing your defenses.