7 Reasons to Send Secure Business Email with Virtru: Expiration and Control

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Sending emails with an expiration date, is a good idea for businesses and professionals dealing with sensitive data. While there are a lot of reasons why it makes sense, it helps to read about specific cases where Virtru for Business really makes a difference.

1. You Send Emails to Customers with Sensitive Information

  • Doctor discussing a patient’s health (and following HIPAA compliance measures)
  • Teacher discussing a student’s grades
  • Lawyer discussing a client’s case
  • HR professional discussing a sticky situation at work
  • Banker planning a customer’s investments

There are two ways you can protect yourself and the recipient in these instances: you can encrypt the email so there is no danger of the information being intercepted, and you can put an expiration date on the email. Note that with Virtru for Business the emails that you send remain under your control even after they have expired. You can recover that sensitive email if a customer or client requests it.

2. Your Business Shares Data with Partners

  • Bank forwarding personal credit history to a partner that assesses creditworthiness
  • Hospital working with a firm that enters a patient’s medical information into a database
  • Law firm soliciting records for a client’s case

If you work with one of these businesses you know that the most frequent method to share sensitive data is a regular, unprotected email with an attachment. Virtru for Business ensures that everyone sending sensitive data to external partners is sending secure and has the ability to add expiration dates when necessary. The likelihood of a data breach through email is significantly reduced when you send secure business email this way.

3. You Work With Vendors and Contractors

If you’ve hired a contractor to work for your company for a temporary amount of time, you may want to consider using Virtru for Business to give you control over your communication. This way, when temporary help leaves your business, they don’t take all of your sensitive documents with them.

4. Your Inbox is a Constant Stream of Short Status Emails

Some companies use email like instant messaging and send a steady stream of one liners – “How’s the blog post coming?” or “Are those videos done yet?” If you work at a company like this, most of these emails don’t live past 24 hours anyway and you are constantly spending an hour every single day deleting them. Adding an expiration date will save everyone time and confusion.

5. You are Expecting a Response and You Want to Make a Point

This is new territory for email, but I’ve used Virtru for Business to do just this in the last few weeks. If you are:

  • Making an offer of employment
  • Making an settlement proposal
  • Trying to get a customer to respond to a sales quote

There’s an implied end date. You’ll often see people write “Respond to my proposal by Wednesday at Noon.” In addition to doing this, try making the email ephemeral. Give it an expiration date.

6. E-mail is the New Watercooler Conversation

It’s a fact: People gossip over email. That seemingly innocuous joke you sent to a peer about last night’s episode of Game of Thrones could inadvertently get you fired if the wrong person read it. Protect your emails by disabling forwards and putting an expiration date on your messages.

7. Sometimes You Need to Vent

Work can be very frustrating, and sometimes you need to send an email to your boss expressing that frustration. Almost 100% of the time these emails are not ones you wants shared with others and you certainly want them to go away quickly. When I was a bit younger, I use to vent to my boss about work quite a bit… maybe too much. And, every time I would craft one of those 3 page rants in an email I’d regret sending it shortly thereafter. If I’d had Virtru a few years ago, I can guarantee you that I would have rescinded and expired a few of those email before my boss even had a chance to read them.

Virtru for Secure Business Email

Ephemeral email isn’t just a new idea, it’s the missing piece of workplace email. Most of the messages you send at work are meant to be consumed quickly and forgotten whether it deals with sensitive customer data or a discussion about office politics.

Once you start using ephemeral email, you realize that 90% of the email you send and receive in a given workday doesn’t need to stick around, and if most emails had a built-in expiration date you’d be spending a lot less time cleaning out your inbox.

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