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How to Encrypt an Excel File in Gmail and Outlook

Whether you’re sending a personal message to a friend, or sending a confidential note to your team, it makes sense that you would want your emails to stay private. However, sometimes the most sensitive info in an email isn’t in the message itself, but in the attachment. Excel files, by nature, tend to hold some very sensitive data. Financial reports, contact lists, business spreadsheets — you name it.

Sending Excel files unencrypted over email can be risky and may lead to important info being stolen if your message is hijacked on its journey. Even if your recipient deletes the message and attachment after saving it locally to their computer, there’s still no guarantee that it’s not still sitting on a mail server somewhere.

So why do people send important attachments unencrypted and unprotected? Because they believe encryption must be difficult and expensive. Luckily, there is an easier and cost-effective way to encrypt and protect that valuable data in your Excel files (along with any other file format!).

Be sure to watch our brief tutorials below, and you’ll see how easy it is to encrypt Excel file email attachments (and any other type of file format) with Virtru’s Trusted Data Format (TDF), and learn why using TDF is crucial to protecting your content from prying eyes.

How to Use Virtru to Encrypt Email Attachments

Before Virtru, there was no easy way to protect your attachments, and only security pros knew how to encrypt email. Now, you can do it with the click of a button. Once you install Virtru on your browser, mobile device, or email client and activate it, you’ll have the option to encrypt every email (and attachment) that you send.

If your recipient has Virtru installed, they’ll be able to read it and respond like they would with any other message. If they don’t have Virtru installed, it’s still very easy for your recipient to open your Virtru secure message. There’s no hassle, no juggling encryption keys or certificates, and no need to hassle your recipient with setting up PGP or S/MIME.

See how easy it is to encrypt an Excel file in Gmail with Virtru:

Use Outlook? See how easy it is to encrypt an Excel file in Outlook with Virtru:

How Virtru Gives You Control of Your Data

While Virtru can help encrypt an Excel file attachment, that’s not the only way it gives you more control over your data. Virtru Pro’s revoke feature lets you rescind an email even after it has been read — meaning that you never have to worry about accidentally sending an email to the wrong address ever again. Additionally, for short-term or extremely sensitive information, you can set a time limit on emails, so that they won’t sit in the recipient’s server forever.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to simply client-side encrypt a personal message before you send or if you’re looking for an enterprise-ready email encryption solution, Virtru has you covered. If you’re interested in protecting your data from thieves, download Virtru, and see how easy true client-side encryption can be.

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