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You Can Now Search and Decrypt Virtru-Encrypted Emails in Google Vault

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Last week, we announced that Virtru users can now search the bodies of encrypted messages from any of our supported email platforms.

Today, we’re excited to extend those search capabilities to emails archived in Google Vault.

Google Vault provides organizations a seamless way to archive and search all of the emails sent across their domain. Whether for legal e-discovery, financial audits, or compliance procedures, access to this historical data is a critical business requirement. Since these records often contain sensitive information, effective encryption must keep content secure and easily discoverable by authorized parties.

Virtru’s patent-pending search architecture separates content and search indices from encryption keys, allowing for search of encrypted Vault content without giving third parties (i.e., Google and Virtru) access to unencrypted content.

With Virtru’s Google Vault E-Discovery Support enabled, G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) administrators can conduct searches of Virtru-encrypted emails and decrypt them directly from the Vault interface.

Virtru’s Google Vault Support is a paid add-on to Virtru Pro. To get it configured for your G Suite domain, please reach out to us by clicking on the link below:

You can also go to the ‘Features’ tab of your Virtru Dashboard and click ‘Request’:

Request Virtru Google Vault E-Discovery Support

For more info on Virtru’s Google Vault E-Discovery Support, check out our FAQ or reach out to us directly.

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