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Why Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption Is a Major Privacy Milestone


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    Google recently made a transformative announcement related to Google Workspace privacy.

    For the first time ever, Google is blinding itself to users’ data within its most popular collaboration tools. And, for the first time, enterprises can encrypt data stored within Google Meet, Docs, Sheets, and Slides—ensuring complete confidentiality, privacy, and sovereignty of that data.

    This is a historic moment for data privacy and collaboration. At Virtru, we believe that securing your data shouldn’t mean hindering collaboration. Instead, data-sharing can be empowered in a way that gives data owners full control of their information, so only they can choose who can access it. Now, Google is empowering these capabilities at scale, and Virtru is a leading partner for bringing those capabilities to life.

    What does Client-Side Encryption mean for Google Workspace privacy?

    No matter what your organization’s privacy and compliance needs are, you can now use your favorite collaboration tools, knowing that your data remains secure and confidential—and that even Google cannot gain access to your data.

    Google is known for its powerful collaboration tools, but many organizations have not been able to use them because of the strict compliance regulations they need to maintain. Now, even highly regulated industries can use Google Meet, Docs, Sheets, and Slides with the confidence that their data remains fully under their own control, using Google Workspace Client-side encryption (coming soon to beta).

    Why Google Workspace Privacy Can Accelerate Cloud Adoption

    The other thing that makes this news so transformative is that it can accelerate cloud adoption.

    Many organizations have delayed moving to the cloud, out of concern that the cloud is not secure enough for their highly sensitive data, or regulatory requirements do not allow it. However, Google Workspace Client-side encryption can be the jumping-off point for accelerating a secure move to the cloud.

    While Google Workspace Client-side encryption is just one piece of the puzzle for cloud privacy, it’s a significant and impactful start—and you can complement it with other solutions like those Virtru provides. With Virtru, you can apply the same secure data protection for Google Workspace across other applications and data flows, including Gmail; enterprise apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Workday; and Microsoft 365.

    As a longstanding Google partner, Virtru is an expert in securing collaboration in the cloud while also delivering deeply integrated, world-class ease of use. We have deep expertise across the Google ecosystem, and we can equip you to safeguard your data, everywhere it’s stored and shared across Google Workspace.

    To start the conversation and discover how we can help you safeguard collaboration in Google Workspace, contact Virtru today. 

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