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Life Pro Tip: Use Virtru to Recover from Email Mistakes

I saw this entry float by on the Life Pro Tips subreddit. Here a screenshot of this “Life Pro Tip” recommending that you wait to enter a recipient’s email address until after you’ve composed a message. This was a popular entry and it attracted some comments from people who have suffered the all-too-common “premature email sending” syndrome.

On one hand this makes sense, but it also breaks the model of how people interact with email. You don’t fire up your email client, write your message, and then decide to put a recipient on it. It is also a practice that is a byproduct of one of email’s built-in problems – there’s no ability for a sender to take a message back.

If you’ve mistakenly sent a love letter to your boss that was meant for your significant other, too bad. Email is just broken like that, and you’ll have to deal with the shame and discomfort that accompanies a premature send. The comments are also interesting. “Lavkaleva” suggests that you add the attachment before composing your email and “whoopassman” laments that he has “done this too many times.”

The Real Life Pro Tip: Use Virtru, Gain Some Control for a Change

Virtru has an answer for everyone in this thread – everyone from DrBubbles to whoopassman. Use Virtru. Don’t go to these ridiculous lengths to avoid sending an email too early or sending an email without an attachment. Use a tool that allows you to craft a message, send it, and then revoke it should you send something that wasn’t quite ready for the Send button to be pressed.

With Virtru Pro you can do a few things that you’ll grow accustomed to rather quickly:

  • You can revoke secured emails you’ve sent to others (even after they’ve been read). When a recipient receives an email secured with Virtru, Virtru will verify that the recipient is who they say they are and verify that they should still have access to both an email and an attachment.
  • If you send a secure message to the wrong recipient with Virtru (something that happens to everyone who has used auto-complete in Gmail) you can revoke it.
  • If you send a secure message that is inappropriate to the wrong recipient (say, a love letter meant for your spouse sent to your manager), you can revoke it without having to write a confusing letter apologizing for a misdelivered piece of email.

The real “Pro Tip” here is that anyone sending email should have the ability to correct mistakes. If you use email it will happen to you; either you’ll send the wrong email to the wrong person, or you’ll hit Send on an email long before you ever meant to press that button.

The real “Life Pro Tip” is that you should always buy insurance, and Virtru is just that. Virtru is insurance against the mistakes you are guaranteed to make with email.