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Why Virtru is the Strongest Choice for Data Protection Across Google Cloud


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    This year, Google has unlocked several new capabilities to enable its global customers to safeguard their cloud-hosted data. The announcement of Google Client-side encryption for Workspace was a significant milestone for corporate data privacy. These new capabilities are exciting for corporate customers, who can now leverage the full benefits of the cloud with even greater confidence in the security of their data.
    Virtru is proud to offer Zero Trust data protection across the entire Google ecosystem, including Virtru External Key Management (EKM) for Google Cloud, as well as comprehensive data protection for Google Workspace (including Gmail; Google Drive; and Docs, Sheets, and Slides). 

    Why Virtru External Key Management is the Best EKM Partner Choice

    Several organizations provide EKM solutions for Google Cloud Platform, but only Virtru provides true Zero Trust data protection across the entire Google portfolio.

    Enterprises need to safeguard the entirety of their cloud-hosted data, so it makes the most sense to do so within a single, holistic data protection framework. Virtru’s world-class encryption solutions make it possible to protect data that’s created, stored, and shared across Google: From Gmail inboxes to Google Drive files (including native Google file types as well as PDFs, video, Adobe files, CAD files, and more), as well as data that flows through Google’s cloud computing and AI capabilities.

    Virtru also provides integration support for Google Cloud Platform’s Kubernetes Engine, Secret Engine, Compute Engine, BigQuery, Dataflow, Cloud SQL, and Pub/Sub.
    Beyond Google, Virtru also safeguards data wherever it travels, into other ecosystems, cloud networks, and software environments. Virtru’s Data Protection Gateway encrypts data flowing through enterprise applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Looker, and Jira.

    This makes Virtru the world’s most robust Google data protection and encryption key partner.

    Virtru’s Encryption Is Recommended by Google

    For years, Virtru has been a trusted Google encryption partner for Gmail, as well as Google Drive and Google Workspace. Virtru is one of a select few Google-authorized key management partners for Google Workspace Client-side encryption.

    Virtru has deep expertise in the Google ecosystem, and the majority of our customers leverage Google to run their businesses. However, we also provide encryption solutions for the Microsoft ecosystem, which means we prioritize interoperability.

    No matter what ecosystem you use, Virtru makes it easy to collaborate with your internal and external networks.

    Virtru External Key Management Gives Global Enterprises Full Access to the Cloud, With Data Privacy & Sovereignty

    Unlike some localized, dedicated cloud offerings, like those recently announced in France, Virtru’s encryption gives you full access to the benefits of the cloud, at scale. Our encryption, certified by ANSSI and in compliance with Schrems II, provides a layer of protection that equips organizations to take advantage of the full capabilities of Google Cloud — including resilience, automated backups, and truly unlimited scalability.

    Localized hosting is limited in its functionality, and it has demonstrated middling success in France and across Europe in the past. However, the combined power of Virtru and Google Cloud is available today, and provides more holistic and comprehensive data protection while still delivering on the full promise of cloud efficiency and collaboration.

    Virtru Is Ready When You Are

    Whether you’re ready to deploy data protection for Gmail, Google Drive, Google Workspace, or Google Cloud — or a combination thereof — we are ready to start the conversation and assess your organization’s needs. Our EKM solution includes a 30-day proof of concept, where we will work alongside your organization to implement comprehensive security across Google Cloud. Register now for early access to the Virtru External Key Management (EKM) solution. For more information about Virtru, or to evaluate our data protection solutions for your business, contact Virtru today to get started.

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