Migrate Email and Files to G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 with Confidence

Seamlessly maintain confidentiality, compliance, and control in the cloud, before and after your data is migrated.

Minimize Risk and Maintain Control When Moving Your Data to The Cloud

Cloud migrations introduce new security risks, since you no longer directly manage the infrastructure protecting your data. External sharing workflows and cloud vendors having access to your data make controlling data in the cloud a constant challenge.

Virtru gives enterprises a crucial layer of protection in the cloud. End-to-end encryption and fine-grained access controls keep your data private and compliant before, during, and after your migration.

Secure, Adaptable Enterprise Cloud Migration

Virtru’s persistent protection and control support secure cloud migrations to G Suite and O365 at any scale, using any migration service provider.

We’ve helped thousands of companies protect data in the cloud, simplifying cloud migrations for some of the world’s largest enterprises:

  • Global 500 manufacturing corporation
  • Dow Jones-listed telecom enterprise
  • Fortune 500 financial services institution

Virtru partners with CloudM to provide maximum protection and control of your data in the cloud

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Compliance, Privacy, and Control for Any Cloud Environment

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure cloud data stays compliant with key regulations like GDPR, PCI, and CJIS.

Corporate Privacy

Migrate data to the cloud without trusting third parties with access to your content.

Cloud Access Control

Retain exclusive access control over the content you create, store, and share in the cloud.

Protect Data as It’s Migrated

Build protection into your cloud migration plan to encrypt sensitive data and apply access control policies.

Securely move emails and files to your cloud environment using Virtru’s migration SDK, purpose-built to simplify your migration project.

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Keep Control in The Cloud

Control who can see your data, from where, and for how long, with real-time revocation.

Enable secure sharing of documents between employees and partners without creating new accounts or installing software.

Track and audit access to sensitive data, and integrate with your SIEM to detect anomalies.

Maintain Data Privacy in The Cloud

End-to-end encryption prevents cloud vendors from ever accessing your data.

Customer-hosted encryption keys give you absolute control of data stored in the cloud and prevents blind government subpoenas.

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More Than 8,000 Customers Protect Data in the Cloud with Virtru

Learn How Virtru Secures Data in The Cloud

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