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The Virtru Editorial Team gives readers information and insights on behalf of Virtru, keeping them informed about today's critical security and privacy issues.

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Cybersecurity concept. Blue padlock on a computer keyboard.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Each and every one of us is responsible for ensuring our digital lives remain private…
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IoT(Internet of Things) concept.

Is Smart Really Secure? How to Strengthen IoT Security with Encryption

Living in a “smart” world means that there is a rapidly growing network of connected…
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Consumer data connection
PartnershipsPrivacy Policy

Consumer Privacy: Protecting the Integrity and Privacy of Personal Data with Virtru and WireWheel

In today’s digital age, businesses have more ways than ever to collect data about their…
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Data privacy protection concept with lock over binary digits

The Quick Guide to Unshakeable Trade Secret Protection

Whether it's industrial designs for the iPhone or the seven secret spices for KFC, every…
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cloud security concept
Cloud Security

Securing Your Data with Confidence in the Cloud

If you have concerns about the privacy and security of your organization’s sensitive data and…
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Join Virtru at Atos Expert Convention 2019

Earlier this summer, we announced our partnership with Atos, a global leader in digital transformation.…
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