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Why Use Virtru for Gmail?

By HiView Solutions, Virtru Partner  As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we at HiView Solutions assist a wide variety of companies with their security needs. From real estate brokerages to…

Close-up of person typing in an excel file

How to Encrypt an Excel File in Gmail

Whether you’re running a business or managing your personal finances, it’s natural to want your emails to stay private. But the most sensitive info in an email often isn’t in…

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How to Encrypt a PDF File in Gmail

It’s simple: emails often contain sensitive information, so they should be private. Most businesses and individuals are already aware of just how important it is to protect the message of…


The Definitive Guide to Gmail Encryption

Gmail is often praised for its convenience and seamless integration with G Suite (formerly Google Apps), but its security features are equally impressive. Native encryption and extensive administrative controls allow…