Take A Data-Centric Approach To Data Protection And Privacy

Secure Your Most Vital Business Asset – Your Data – By Protecting It Wherever It Goes


Data is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise and is the primary driver behind business’ digital transformation. Data is also at risk like never before and must be protected wherever it goes, internally, externally, and across its many use cases. Focusing protection efforts on data as it moves and gets used is called data centric data protection, and it gives security and privacy professionals the best hope of keeping their companies’ data in the right hands. In this commissioned study, Forrester Consulting evaluates the state of data centric data protection and privacy.

What You’ll Learn:

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Webinar Practical Advice for Implementing Zero-Trust Data Protection
White Paper Perimeter at the Data Object: Zero Trust and Data Protection
Infographic Manage Big Data Across Multiple Clouds and Apps