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Comprehensive Email Security with Virtru and Area 1 Security

Comprehensive Email Security with Virtru and Area 1 Security

Best-of-Breed Email Encryption and Security

The increase of sensitive data stored and shared via email combined with the growing prevalence of phishing attacks exacerbate cybersecurity risks. Phishing is the root cause of 95% of breaches, while poor visibility and control of cloud email create data governance challenges for 90% of organizations. Traditional protections come up short, missing phishing campaigns and preventing organizations from controlling and monitoring email once it’s shared.

Virtru and Area 1 Security deliver seamless end-to-end encryption and advanced cloud email security for maximum security ROI, protecting organizations from phishing attacks while keeping email contents protected everywhere they’re shared.

How It Works

Virtru and Area 1 offer complete inbound and outbound email security. Area 1 protects against email threats by preemptively stopping phishing and targeted attacks across email, social, web, and network vectors. Virtru protects messages and attachments through end-to-end encryption and granular controls, providing control and visibility beyond the inbox everywhere they’re shared. 

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