Data Privacy as a Competitive Advantage in Outsourced IT Services

IT is one of the fastest growing categories within BPO, as many companies look to an IT partner to save money and supplement their full-time staff. The rapid adoption of the cloud, in-house application development, and interest in process automation means that outsourcing projects are becoming more strategic in nature. Additionally, while the market for outsourcing is growing, it is also getting significantly more complicated. The increase in data breaches has put the spotlight on the risks involved in working with IT vendors.

Whether your team is building the next innovative healthcare IT application or consulting a government agency as they move to the cloud, Virtru offers the tools that you need to protect customer data and with it, instill the confidence that your client needs to green light that next project.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How and why IT outsourcing projects are becoming more strategic in nature.
  • How to break down barriers to becoming a strategic partner.
  • How organizations that prioritize privacy are gaining a business advantage against their competition in three key ways.