Modernizing Education While Maintaining Student Privacy and Compliance

Education Guide Cover

Advances in technology have transformed education by improving school services and keeping parents’ engaged through seamless digital communication. But they also carry significant risks for exposing sensitive student PII and PHI, potentially violating HIPAA and FERPA compliance. This guide covers how data-centric, user-first protections support more seamless school services to keep parents engaged, improve student outcomes, while still maintaining compliance and student privacy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the digital transformation has reshaped the delivery of school services, presenting both opportunities and challenges for improving parent engagement and student outcomes.
  • How traditional data protection approaches interfere with delivery of services, reduce engagement, and can lead to poorer student outcomes.
  • How Virtru’s data-centric, user-first protections empower school districts and other stakeholders to share education records that contain PII and PHI easily and securely between parents and school agencies, improving outcomes.