Modernizing Government Services While Maintaining Compliance and Privacy

SLG Guide Cover

Advances in technology have transformed government services, enabling employees to spend more time on mission-critical work and better serve constituents, but they carry significant risks for exposing sensitive citizen PII and CJI, violating CJIS compliance and citizen privacy. This guide uncovers how data-centric, user-first protections support rapid government service delivery to provide vital services while keeping their data confidential and compliant.  

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the digital transformation has shaped government service delivery, presenting both opportunities and challenges for improving citizen engagement and public welfare.
  • How traditional data protection approaches interfere with delivery of services, reduce engagement, and can lead to lost public trust.
  • How Virtru’s data-centric, user-first protections empower government workers to share CJI and citizen PII easily and securely with citizens and connected agencies, improving outcomes.